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Shoot for Stars

Shoot for Stars is an international TV series that gives young, uncontracted football players across South-East Asia, the opportunity to win an educational scholarship and football contract in Australia.

Shoot for Stars will have separate competitions for male and female players in Indonesia and Vietnam. The first series will be shot in Vietnam & Indonesia in 2024. The series will be shot in the local language with English subtitles, and will run over twelve episodes.

Shoot for Stars will start with our international football coaches choosing the 40 most promising footballers from our selection process, who will be invited to a central training camp. Here they will undergo an intense football training program.

At each stage of the training program, players will be eliminated until only the final five remain, at which time our former football stars and coaches will select the winners.

Throughout the screening of Shoot for Stars, viewers will be able to participate in online voting for their favourite contestants. An alternative prize package for the fan favourites will be available if the fan favourites do not align with the overall winners.